Work overview October


There is something about embodiment at the heart of the past year’s work, and in my work going forward. Embodiment as a cognitive sensation in Art. The aesthetic experiences, and choices made, when we inhabit the performative acts of art-making, whether it’s painting, actual performance or, importantly, being the subject of the artwork ourselves.

In practice, I’ve been focussing on sexual identities and acts, specifically transvestism, pornography, and dildonics. I am curious about the aesthetic choices people make regarding their sexual identities, how the technology of pornography develops or manipulates these choices, and how the technology of sex (fetishism, sex-toys and roleplay) can relate to the ‘technology’ of sensation (haptics, colour, form), and therefore the physicality of Art.

I think I am informed by queer strategies, but I am careful not to be confused with political identities, or drag. The reason I make this distinction (although there is an element of both) is that I don’t wish to tie myself to the politics of the former, and the ideology of the latter. I’m thinking about quite personal fantasticism, and when it goes beyond the work I am thinking about it in terms of aesthetics rather than the socio-political.


I’m making sex-toys, costumes, narratives and looking to post videos on porn sites. I’m developing a sort of mystery dialect that looks at fetishism in forms from high religious art to homemade pornography.

The performance element of the work is the newest part and will be the focus for development. Particularly I am keen to extend this to work that incorporates public elements. I’d like to explore the idea of rituals and happenings that help people express some form of sexual identity in a way that is not directly sexual.

I have and will be using a range of media including sculpture, costume and video projection. Writing is quite important to me but I hope to lead the writing from the work and performances to an extent.


The context of the work is not quite settled for me. I need to find out the spaces that I feel reflect similar ideas. I have found the work of Marcus Coates useful, also Mary Reid Kelley and Rachel Maclean. I have a feeling that research on artists exploring Jungian ideas about the subconscious, as well as Lacanian ideas on the self will be beneficial.