The Birds Flock [2011] – extract read by Charles Swift

An extract from The Birds Flock [2011], read and recorded by Charles Swift.

“Breathed with that many thought. Maybe all thought having a thought, that a undone and then done. A the, a the; the a theed in all; all a is the, and maybe all thought having the thought. To not having the a, all thought breathed. And the? The is done also. Many thought, ‘Am undone, am some sum’, and breathed to regular, two regular eyes am some sum thought. And if breathed two some such of such such, am to the many thought undone. Undone only. Break a, and a broke in so lated. Break the, and the broke in so lated. So lated as to collect am. And tells us, ‘Am to be undone, to tell us and undone am’. And am to broke also, to broke in such such, to broke only, only in zero sum. Here so lated as to collect am, toward am. And and tells us. And that that tells us, and us that that listens.”