Tags: giving up

18 mins lft

“Drunk? Yeah drunk. Yeah, any way. OK Ok ok. I can’t remember now, I had it all laid out earlier, in the cheese, old cheese, fleet street, pleased.”

“Shut the fuck up.”

“Yes yes yes, shut the fuck up, I I I get it.”

“You’d think.”

“You would think I’d want to talk wouldn’t you? I guess. They can sit out in the garden and shoot the breeze and I’ll just offer up some shit to you eh?”

“Eh? Eh what? What the fuck do you sound like, correcting every spelling mistake, splatting a punctuation error here and there’er. Smug cunt. The door, I guess huh?”

“yeah, beaten, in a small lettered . tired.”

“Come on, walk it off a bit, we’ll get a second. Only two days to the Olympics, they might quote you on that.”

“Time to not bother some more; more not bothering.”

“Shut the fuck up you fucking stuck in the the fucking sad little prick cock sucking loser fuckwit prick ugly shit breath cunt…”

“I get it.”