Koekje Exhibition, 15th November 2014


Koekje: ensure we give the best experience on site.

The Broadway Studios November Group Show

Sophia Simensky, Petra Hjortsberg, Fausto Sanmartino, Samuel Brzeski, Mita Solanky, Triangular Brush, Amber Bowie, Francesca Ulivi, Christopher Bardo, Eden Lazaness, Gianinna Delpino, Marvin Turner, Richard Armstrong-Wood, Kirsty Kemp, Rich Leppard, Carmen Vinuela & Luisa Gonzalez

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Sleeve .i & Sleeve .ii [2014]

Sleeve .iSleeve .i

Sleeve .iiSleeve .ii

Sleeve .i and Sleeve .ii at the Broadway Studios November Show:


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Koekje: ensure we give the best experience on site [2014]

[Written for the Koekje exhibition on 15th Nov 2014.]

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Original Exhibition Poster (.pdf)

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Sleeve II: "I told I that I loved I and I loved I II" [2014]

At the Koekje: ensure we give the best experience on site exhibition.

Sleeve II

Sleeve II b

Sleeve II c

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