Invisible Salon presents Kayfabing the Never-Visible

Continuing our Invisible Salon series of performances, Robyn and I have decided to step into the ring. Professional wrestling is a fascinating experiment in belief, sharing a lot of ideas with the Salon, particularly its ideas of truth. One thing we’ve always talked about is how a show involves a loose interpretation of reality, by the performers as well as the audience; this is in order that you can go somewhere, and that the audience can come with you. Our shows are often about fictionalised accounts of lives and the inversion of realities made from fiction. The practice of these subversions takes place in a performative zone characterised by doubt and faith. Ritual, magic, desire and elaborate identities operate in this zone, and the shamanic ideas that have influenced a lot of our favourite artists reflect this meeting place of irony and authenticity. The practice of art here, is laid out in rule systems that promote conviction to the point of the absurd.

Kayfabing is a professional wrestling term to describe the act of duping an audience, creating a fiction as if it was a reality. The term took on new meaning as the culture of keeping a clear divide between performance and reality broke down, the subsequent meta-fiction was cultivated to create an ambiguous and immersive theatre.