After the Ball

Some old song about deconstruction, set to something Hank Codeine Williams might have used…


(C) After the ball was over

She took out her glass (G7) eye

Put her false teeth in the water

Hung out her hair to (C) dry

Placed her false leg in the (C7) corner

(A7) Shook off her nails and (Dm) all

(G) Then what was left went to (C) bye byes

(F) Af… (G) …ter the (C) ball


Categories: Invisible Salon (Jan 2018)

Created: 20th April 2018

Salon Magazine #1


Categories: Invisible Salon (Jan 2018)

Created: 27th January 2018

Invisible Salon

Who will you never be?

The Invisible Salon is a place to think about the people you will never be, the answers you will never have, and the dreams you will never fulfil.


Setting yourself up to fail

Finding the limits of your ability


Singing about the life you didn’t have

Fucking as the person you weren’t

Being haunted by the never-lived

Categories: Invisible Salon (Jan 2018)

Created: 24th January 2018
Edited: 27th January 2018