Apparitions (second text)

(for the Apparitions exhibition, September 2015)

In the practice of Art we rely on the opportune.
Opportunities arise, and to take them
Is to take part in the movement of ideas that
Keep the Art thing viable.
We make things with intention,
Yet offer them up as apparitions
To opportunity, in order to have them
In order that we can remake them with new
Understanding. So nine artists have the opportunity
To make their work
Apparitions of the Marble Cave of Gadime
And contrive a change for the work.
Our contrivance is genuine, we know the
Apparition provokes change, keeps us viable.
And for the practice of Art that’s enough.
Not too little to require of modern mysticism.
Because the contemporary apparition is not benign,
It appears because it needs to,
And disappears because it has no choice.