Another Dualism

“I think there’s a sense that … of a constructive and a reductive will in creativity. The reductive appears as a nihilistic will, showing people some void in the world, an ever-present absence, a lack. The constructive, on the other hand, appears as a positive by highlighting complexity in life, the fractal, we split and each fragment fills with the potential of its parent. But taken to the nth this becomes a negative, a nihilistic continuation scuppered by a gradual dissipation, an optimism living under the cold reality of entropy. It’s a futile desire for a legacy of behaviour. The reductive is also flipped. Its practice of reduction actually shows us complexity. The Beckettian silence is deafening. We reach the woods at night to find silence, but the owl hoots, the owl flies away but the crickets chirp, stamp on the crickets and the trees swish, chop down the trees and the blood pumping in your ears becomes a booming river. Through the ineffability of the void the nihilist shows its inconceivability.

To make or deny. It never gets any easier.”