A Conversation About Poses [2015]

Display is what you said, that that is at the heart of it. Not to get obsessed with the unsaid and the unthought, in this context You must display.”

“Definitely, and when the world becomes so defined, that the phenomenology of vision is all, we can speculate on the language of form for form. You were talking about the fakery of A.I., that it’s all fake, that’s the tautology, the fake artifice. It talks to itself in a simulation of communication, from node to node, without recourse to a human ear or eye. And a fakery of motive, really just a mechanical process set in motion and allowed to tick along in an illusion of perpetuation.”

“It’s a theoretical device showing the separation of experience from the materials that engender it, and what fills the space, which is language. How can I really know what relationship I have to the material body? It defines me in ways that are limiting; tiredness, illness, obesity, ugliness.”

“It seems absurd to people for our human experience to be so inseparable from materiality, they label it as deviancy. The fetishist has lost their mind, wanking all over the pleats like they were the undulations of a body. But does it really make sense to separate the skirt from the skin? Can we be so confident of the materiality of some occupied being that is our living body? Where does it end? If I cut my toe nails am I different being? What if I lose a leg? Materiality is not the experience of living because we don’t know anything other than it is not in here, it is all out there.”

“And materiality is the Artist’s bread and butter, if you don’t love paint you will not be a good painter. If you don’t enjoy the feel of clay then you’ll just make lumps.”

“Exactly. And makeup, high heels, beards, wigs, leathers, silks, costumes; the dildonic library goes on and on for us. And what, or where, at the end of it all, are we? We are the language between us and the material. That is where the we are. And you might not always feel comfortable with that limited angle, but that’s okay, you must remember you are the rock and the thought of rock, it’s just that you can only experience the communication in between.”

“Are we off-topic? Who lives in these poses?”

“Anyone who has donned a flowing robe for the execution of a spiritual moment. Be that erotic, political, meditative; to make someone’s knees tremble orgasmically, or instil awe in ourselves. It is the wearer and the watcher. It is being the fucker and the fucked, the sheets and the warm air from the bedroom window. It’s a model of a wider behaviour. And we can do this so easily these days, because this is simply another version of contemporary consumerist experience, we consume and are consumed.”

“The desire economy is a modern term for a long understood ontological idea. We are not only driven by our desires, we are also defined by them.”

“And the vision, in the cave, the half-light of the church, the face of Jesus in the stucco-”

“Grainy pornography, the man or woman of your dreams glimpsed in a crowd, reminiscent smells-”

“All the language of materiality, the same as penetration, taste, the cladding and devouring of bodies.”

I picked some of the sweet-smelling leaves, crushed them in my hands, and rubbed my wet but burning body with them. I looked at myself for a long while, with no more shame now, with joy.”